Professional Drone Services

Aerial Photography & Videography

We capture unique and powerful content from a different perspective.

Unmatched 4K video quality for the most professional and customizable videos
High definition caught in every single pixel

Ultrawide Panoramas

Capture beautiful perspectives with panoramic or 360 degree images

Our Drones

Dreamcast Media is committed to excellence, so it only makes sense that our go-to are DJI drones. Our drones are able to shoot in a wide range of lighting conditions as well as hold up against 30km/h winds. Partner that with incredible 4K video footage and a 48mp camera and the results are guaranteed to not disappoint.

drone features
Post Production
Getting your videos prepped for social media, website content and marketing so you can show off what you’re all about.
We deliver quality


Get inspired


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special events

Packages from $450

What's included

45 min fly time

30-45 second 4k video

5 high res photos